7 Chakra Clearing & Balance, With Grounding , Triple Seal Practice

In this transmission, we focus on the using the breath, a powerful technique,  to clear and balance the 7 embodied chakra’s. This transmission is for those who are just starting chakra work, who are working on the first 7 chakra’s.  (I do understand there are more, yet, we cannot skip a step or a level)

Next, We go on to ground our energy to Mother Gaia, and focus on creating a triple seal. By grounding our energy we are able to embody higher frequency energy in a more efficient manner. Grounding is very similar to earthing, which is proven to have enormous benefits.

As we create a triple seal it is important to remember that we do not want to seal with the intention of fear; like keeping something negative out. Rather, to strengthen our energetic fields. To hold a higher frequency around you.  You can think of it in a similar way to working out to strengthen your muscles. The more you focus on building your light fields the stronger they become.