This recording is taken the two-week immersion into a heart-centered coherence event.

Intentions: This transmission connects you with the consciousness of love, joy, play, and grace. Here we first cleanse and release lower vibrational energy with ultraviolet fire to cleanse and uplift any heavy energies absorbed from other individuals’ thoughts or emotions. Next, we bring in divine grace to bless our energy centers.

Divine grace is a miracle creator and healer, and it will open the energy fields, allow for a new shift into loving awareness, bring clarity and peace, resolve challenges and obstacles, heal physical symptoms by getting to the surface the lower emotional cause or reason for them to be there, and so much more. Then we connect with the Angels of love and the nature of divine love. The angles of love remind us to have fun and connect with the true essence of our spirit, fun, joy, play, creativity!

I hope you enjoy and feel like dancing as much as we did after the day had ended! As we intentionally connect with streams of frequencies within the infinite realm of all creation and align to the information carried within the vibrational energies of the frequencies, it is from this that the more we work to align, embody, stay as the loving and compassionate witness, and transform our energy grids with loving intentions that we change ourselves. While this will help connect to higher energies that carry more coherent waves of vibration with more heart-centered and aligned information for love and joy, it is also genuinely essential to learn to embrace all sides of your being.

For real, awakening occurs from within you. Use as often as you feel connected to do so. The more we call on these frequencies, the stronger they become, try bringing them in through your day, and witness the blessings! I can’t wait to hear about your experiences. I know these two frequencies changed my life in unique ways. All my love!