Command Your Dream State- The 12D Platinum Astral Seal With Sovereignty Decree

This transmission calls upon your divine support teams of the light to assist you with clearing all lower energies you may have absorbed throughout the day. Clearing these energies is essential as we go into the dream time and supports us in obtaining a more restful night’s sleep as we do not need to use that dream time in processing the day’s energies and can instead work upon other dream time aspects assigned to us. We then relax the body deeply, and adjust and align the circadian rhythms so the body is in proper alignment with sleep cycles, allowing the body to know when to be fully awake and when to rest. We also work to upgrade the nervous system so that it is able to adjust very easily to the increasing frequencies upon the planet. We begin by sealing ourselves with a 12D platinum seal. This seal was designed to remove all lower frequency energies from all levels and layers of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. In addition, we activate our golden Merkabah to spin out all low energies within the field that have been absorbed throughout the day, we then invoke the pink ray to assist in bringing in more love and harmony, the white ray of purification, and the violet ray of transmutation, sealing all of this in a 12 d platinum seal so that you are deeply protected as you travel through the astral planes during dream-time. Once fully sealed, we begin the clearing and activation and invoke the sovereignty decrees to clear all implants, programs, and much more.