Double Diamond Portal Activation With Shamanic Journey Recover Your Power

Weekly global meditation on 3/27/2020  with Renee Furbush, Kara Goss, and Keith Smith; Kara Goss connected everyone to the Double Diamond Portal. This energy seals and clears lower frequency energy such as the collective interference, mind control matrices, and lower frequency bands from EMF’s and more. This energy is also an activation point to bring humanity back online to the divine source blueprint, and remove any degradation in the DNA, RNA, Chromosomes, Mitochondria, and more. After the personal clearing, activation, and sealing, Kara directed this energy to Mother Gaia to transmute and activate the planet, the collective and more.
Next, Keith Smith takes us on a journey, In this powerful drumming journey, we begin by picking a crystal wand and we travel to the place of our power, recovering all lost power, we clear and fully activate this power through our energy centers. Truly, an experience not to be missed.

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