Emerald Order Double Diamond Blueprint Activation

Transmitted By Kara Goss And Renee Furbush

Kara Goss will be your guide up to the unified consciousness, into the Emerald Temple of the Emerald Order. During this journey Kara will assist you in taking you to the crystal room within the Emerald Temple, there you will activate the 12 crystals,12 pillars and receive 12 light codes that activate the pillar of light. Once you have activated the pillar of light, you will continue up to receive the transmission for the new double diamond blueprint offered by Renee Furbush of The Souls Journey.

In this transmission, Renee will clear all code corruptions with your divine souls blueprint and bring your divine souls blueprint back to its origination, clearing programing and unconscious patterning, once the blueprint is cleared and aligned, you are ready to receive the light codes for the new double diamond blueprint.Once the new blueprint has been received, Kara will initiate the Seal of Azurite. The Seal of Azurite is a seal of protection, it protects and assist you in integrating the new upgraded blueprint. It will help you in grounding, establishing your energies and keep you from reverting to the old patterning’s.

During this activation there is also an activation of the Christos ley lines to assist Mother Gaia in anchoring the light and the new blueprint. We know many are feeling the energies pushing forward, you feel the intensity in the energies and the shift within the planet.
Now is time to step forward into your power and truth. We bring this forward to assist you on your journey and ours. We need more light bringers to assist in this ascension and we need more anchoring the light. May you feel the power and love brought forward in this transmission.

With Love and Gratitude for you, Kara and Renee

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