Ground And Reset Your Energy Fast

Kara Goss   •   June 26, 2019

This “Quick Grounding and Energetic Reset Transmission” is designed to support you with grounding, centering, and balancing your energy fields which allow for a greater sense of flow, peace, and harmony to reside within and all around you. As this year of light increases, the need to be fully grounded also increases with importance. We are electromagnetic beings. Much like the flow of our appliances within our home like our TV’s, there must be a grounded connection so that short-circuiting does not occur and blow up the TV, our energetic bodies are the same way. We must maintain a strong grounded connection so the higher frequencies of light are able to flow smoothly, without disruption. When we are ungrounded, the circuitry within our physical bodies becomes imbalanced. I often perceive the ungrounded energy as a tesla ball, energetic shoots flying out from the fields. This can cause mental, emotional, and physical imbalances such as anxiety, depression, problems within the immune system, chronic fatigue, and so much more. When grounded there is a state of flow, harmony, and presence and healing can also occur in the physical body to repair any damage done.