Healing From Loss Of A Loved One With Mother Mary and Grace Elohim.

Kara Goss   •   April 25, 2019

This transmission works with Mother Mary and the Elohim of Grace to support in the release of grief, sorrow, despair,, and any shock, trauma, or stress from losing a loved one in life, or a loved one that has made the transition to the other side. With Mother Mary and The Grace Elohim we meet and connect with  the individual to receive closure, Mother Mary and The Grace Elohim then work with you to repair and remove cords, repair any tears that may have occurred from the trauma, and begin to transmute the frequencies of grief, despair, shock, trauma, and stress that may be held or locked within the body. Fully allowing and accepting our grief,  but then stepping onto the healing journey and knowing that we can honor ourselves and the other person by allowing healing to occur, rather than remaining stuck in the grief cycles.