In this active transmission (meaning you participate), brought forward by the late Tashira Tachi-ren, we explore the energetic tool to help you create a powerful and robust field of light by unifying your energy bodies. The unification of the chakra subtle energies assists you in gaining clarity, stability, gives you the ability to be around harsher energies as others go through their healing and purging process without feeling the need to run, shrink, collapse, or hide. Also, it supports you with maintaining clean energy free from other individuals’ projections or mental expectations for you and supports you in becoming familiar with your own souls’ energy. We then multidimensional ground through all parallel, keeping you held by the spirit and deeply connected to your body.

Energy work is always a potent tool when combined with mindfulness and a loving, compassionate heart, which can neutralize any negative frequency changes in the field and align you to information carried on the bandwidths of higher vibrational frequencies.


Use daily. The more we call on these frequencies, the stronger they become, try bringing them in through your day, and witness the blessings! I can’t wait to hear about your experiences. Share if you feel this could help anyone else <3


I appreciate your love and support.

Many Blessings,