Quick Alignment Divine Flow And Miracle Consciousness Transmission

Kara Goss   •   March 19, 2019

Activating divine flow and miracle consciousness is a great way to stay balanced, centered and in harmony with all that presents throughout your day.

This quick alignment transmission works with Archangel Michael and your divine teams of light to ground your energy, and opening your inner channel connecting you to your higher self, I AM presence, and Source. Quickly opening the 12 chakra system, pillar of light. Placing loving, divine intentions for your day within your heart, and expanding the intentions out into all levels and layers of your energy field. Vibrating out divine love, joy, harmony, and flow. Next, we activate the unified chakra, and connect to miracle consciousness supporting you in aligning with a positive and harmonious reality. One that supports you in trusting in each step of your NOW moment as you move through your day.