Reclaiming Balance During High Ascension Energies.

Kara Goss   •   February 23, 2019

This transmission re-balances the Stellar Gateway, and the entire chakra column, and also connects you to the physical, mental, and emotional levels to gain guidance from how you can best support yourself during this intense year of light. Keeping you grounded, and balanced, healthy, and connected.

2019 is known as the year of light. Balance is important on all levels When the frequency of light and resonance go through rapid and dramatic increases, as we have seen thus far, the stellar gateway may become too expanded allowing too much light to flow into the physical and energetic bodies. This can create energetic imbalances within the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of the bodies. While it may feel great to be so blissed out during these intense energetic influxes as many realizations come online it is very important to maintain balance so that one does not end up short circuiting the neural networks and circuitry within the physical body.
While many are familiar with ascension symptoms during these upsurges such as:
Extreme headaches
Stomach and Digestive Problems
Extreme Fatigue

It is important to note that when the physical body is unable to handle the increases of light to allow proper integration one can experience healing or spiritual crises or a strong feeling they just are unable to continue the spiritual journey or become extremely dissociated. It is important to be supporting all levels and layers of the bodies during these times. Not only adjusting the Stellar Gateway, the chakra that is responsible for receiving the influxes of light codes from the Central Sun but also fully grounding to the crystalline grid of the planet. Adjusting the levels to what is most appropriate for the body. While ascension can certainly feel as though it is challenging at times we want to make sure we are not taking on too much too fast. Rather, we want to keep a very high light quotient but also remain in a deeply balanced state.

This transmission was recorded as several of my clients were experiencing true suicidal thoughts, and others feeling intense heat and burning in the neural pathways of the brain as they were meditating. Severe anxiety has also been experienced by some leading them close to nervous breakdowns. I was guided by the High Sirian Council to guide them to adjust the Stellar Gateway and the central vertical channel. Also having them connect and ask what was required on the physical, mental and emotional levels.

Each person is very unique and learning how to ask and support all levels of your bodies is very key in holding higher frequency energies and this higher levels of consciousness.