Soul Solstice Event – 2020

Welcome to the biggest event for our planet and humanity of the YEAR! I am super excited to share this incredible day in union with you! We have quite the lineup in store and we are so excited that each one of you will be adding to the intention, the energy and the love of creating with us upon this day! 

To discover a quick understanding of how your presence supports the all and to see the amazing lineup of people who  will be joining us for this AMAZING event that we have in store for you, click the video!

Each and every person, including you, in fact does make a HUGE difference when you show up with your open heart to world global meditation! 

And as a side note, please don’t mind the beautiful pitter patter of my beautiful dogs nails hitting the floor in the background LOL, he just loves to make himself a part of all I do <3

So much love and blessings! Let’s Anchor The LOVE

Kara Goss