Super Charge Your Vital Life Force- Return To Center- Heal The Nervous System

In this guided breathing meditation we focus on the Dantian is loosely translated as “elixir field”, “sea of qi”, or simply “energy center”. Dantian are the “qi focus flow centers. As we focus on the lower Dantian also known as the ‘golden stove’ or the elixir of life the energy will naturally flow to the middle dantian at the heart and the upper dantian at the third eye center.

By doing this practice everyday you are recharging the vital life force energy within you. Bringing in a balance within the nervous system, healing anxiety within the body and mind. There is also a deep ability to center and align your energy, to allow yourself to enter into a more balanced state as you go through your everyday life facing and challenges with greater peace and ease within you.

The power of this practice when done daily cannot be expressed in human words. It is why many yogic traditions practice and cultivate these three centers. When done daily you come into a greater sense of peace, balance, flow, harmony, roundedness, compassion, the physical body begins to restore, mental chatter and stressful moments are easier to navigate through, and you are able to respond from a balanced and heart centered space rather than react because the body, mind, and spirit are depleted.

I challenge everyone to do this practice everyday for two weeks and let me know how it has assisted you in the comments below.