The Empowered Empath-

Intentional Decree

Kara Goss   •   March 18, 2019

This invocation calls upon Mother Mary, Archangel Michael and the Angels of Love, Compassion, and Grace to stand around you and support you with any situation that you may perceive as difficult or challenging, working with you to stand in your light, to speak your truth, and to create healthy energetic boundaries for yourself whenever challenging situations may arise in life.
Many energetically sensitive souls (empaths) are amazing beacons of the light, often forgetting the absolute beauty of their gifts, which include extreme sensitivity and their ability to hold such vast amounts of light and love. It is this light and love that they can access to assist others in holding their own light.  Because of this sensitivity, empathic people such as star seeds and light-workers often have a fear of speaking their truth, and/or confronting challenging situations that arise with family, partners, friends, and colleagues.  Many are afraid of rejection, abandonment, or not being understood, so they often dim their light, especially when dealing with challenging situations. In doing so, they often feel physically, emotionally, and energetically drained.
Yet, divine assistance is always around, supporting you with anything that arises. Working with you to stand in your infinite light, to speak your truth, and to create healthy energetic boundaries for yourself. So you show others the way to the light, to joy, peace, and harmony that resides always within.