Smudging Made Easy

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Smudging Made Easy Kara Goss   •   June 26, 2019 One of the most common questions I receive is the question about the use of sage to clear and uplift the energies of a space and does it have to always be used to clear entities. Truth is, Sage burning, or smudging, has its roots in Native American culture and other cultures around the world. For centuries, people [...]

Spirituality, Bridging The Gap With Religion

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Spirituality, Bridging The Gap With Religion Kara Goss   •   March 19, 2019 Why is spirituality not religion. This comes from my own perspective and I ask that it be read before making any assumptions. Religion and spirituality should be working together and I fully believe that as we move forward into the Golden Age that they will. With falsehoods on both sides of the spectrum dropping away [...]

4 Benefits of Meditation

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4 Benefits of Meditation That Will Change Your Life for the Better Kara Goss   •   September 6, 2018 If you’re reading this article, you probably know that meditation is good for you. Maybe you have even tried it once or twice. While getting into a good meditation practice can be hard, the benefits it can add to your mind, body, and soul can be life changing. [...]

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