Liberation From Toxic Patterns And Relationships Declaration

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I call upon my higher self, my christed self in the 12th dimension to come in illuminate and embody my consciousness and bodies now. I call forward the over lighting aspects of Mother/Father God. I call forward the highest divine teams of light, guides, angels, masters who have transcended polarity and reside within the Law of One, the Unity fields Now. I call forward the Elohim of Grace, The Elohim of Ultraviolet Fire, Krystal Star Guardians, The Aurora Flame Guardians, Circle Security to activate and oversee, transmute all in the energy of love and forgiveness stated within this declaration and decree of intention Now.

I set this intention for all densities, dimensions, in space time, time space, all timelines, past, present, future, parallel, all minds, all bodies, all body parts, and the void. Spoken in this or in any other language known or unknown. I ask this decree be immediate, and enacted in accordance with Cosmic Sovereign Law, For I AM Cosmic Sovereign Law Made Manifest. It is through my declaration of intention, here choosing to serve at the highest divine embodiment of my true Christ Self that I decree NOW

I illuminate, call out, cancel, clear, and revoke all discordant energies, interferences, all contracts, vows, agreements promises taken by me, my ancestry, the collective, and/or the multiverse to any individual or situation that keeps me in drama, stress, chaos, and confusion. I release and transmute all cognitive dissonance, all cords, hooks, streams, ribbons, that seek to keep me bound to any toxic relationship or pattern and I release them with love and forgiveness.

I call back all energy that belongs to me, all missing soul parts to return to me through the holy fire of purity and the ultra violet fire of source to return me to my wholeness.  I release all DNA distortions and call back my original divine blueprint. I release all cords, hooks, streams, and ribbons, contracts, vows, agreements, or promises ever made throughout infinity to any rescuer/savior program. For I am the protector of my own divine heart, I am more than enough, I release in the light of love the need to validate my existence through the savior/rescuer/ hero program. For I am here to serve by leading the way.

I revoke, release, and transmute now all inorganic timelines and align only to organic timelines. I release all situations, individuals, groups, or beings that seek to misalign me to inorganic or false timelines. I release, revoke, and dissolve all inorganic or false timelines in the light of holy fire.  I revoke any and all access to any individual, group or being access to any level or layer my energy field, my energy is sacred, I revoke all consent or permission ever given for any person, group, or being access to my energy fields or soul light. And I release revoke and seal this and any openings in the light of holy fire.

I revoke and destroy any and all false illusions, delusions, programs, and false holograms, implants, consciousness swipes, memory swipes that keep me from becoming aware of the truth within me. I neutralize and transmute all projections, psychic energies, thought form energies, other people’s ideas and beliefs to what and who I should become, and how I should be living this life.

I call forward the full revelation of what within my unconscious mind keeps me in toxic patterns and/or relationships. I ask these be brought forward, fully illuminated in the Christ, Mother/Father God Source, for full healing, for full awareness, for full recognition, so that I may make a choice, so that I may see the truth of what within me keeps me aligned and playing out similar patterns and stories. I command these things revealed and healed within me.

Within my own revelations, I bring forward my own toxic behaviors and patterns that keep me in co-dependency, fear, unhealthy or binding relationships with others and also myself.

I release all of this and anything else not mentioned that needs to be released now. To allow me to embrace my full divine sovereignty now. My full divine power and light that I AM

I replace all of these aspects I embody self-love, courage, self-empowerment. All of these things are replaced with healthy supportive relationships, divine self-love, divine self-worth, co creativity, empowerment, the ability speak and stand in my truth, with love, with light, I reclaim my liberation, abundance, harmony, joy, full sovereignty, grace, courage, alignment to my soul tribe, aligning me to my highest destiny in calling upon this Earth. For in this point during this NOW moment, this moment of the ascension process I have come here to serve, I have come here to create, to awaken, to liberate myself, to stand as a way for others.

I know that as these patterns fall away, I will stand strong in my liberation. Having the eyes to see, the ears to hear, the heart to listen that as these changes occur; I will fully recognize that I am not being abandoned, betrayed, neglected or whatever story the mind brings up for healing, I will know in my heart space that this is the reveal, that this is indeed the universe giving me all that I have asked for and more and always will support me, to align me to my highest destiny and calling by allowing the full removal of toxic people, patterns, situations to fall from my life. I will stand as the witness and as the observer, blessing each situation with the highest divine love knowing that as these things fall away I am about to be blessed with so much more than even my mind could ever comprehend. And so it is