Spirituality, Bridging The Gap With Religion

Kara Goss   •   March 19, 2019

Why is spirituality not religion. This comes from my own perspective and I ask that it be read before making any assumptions. Religion and spirituality should be working together and I fully believe that as we move forward into the Golden Age that they will. With falsehoods on both sides of the spectrum dropping away as we all align with the deeper truths of God Source presence as it resides within us.

I can’t speak for everyone in the spiritual communities but I can speak for many that I have had these in depth conversations with. Religion is pushed away in spirituality by many, and religions view those who are living from their true spirit, holding the activated gifts of god, as something that is evil and to be feared.

It’s not that we don’t believe in the religions, but at least in my direct experience with my own walk I have learned all religions at their core are sharing the same exact story. The story that others shared of their own inner experiences as they awoke to the higher presence of the all that is, call it god, source, universe, god mind, cosmos, etc…many star seeds, lightworkers, and awakened individuals know the direct inner spirit to lead them to this higher connection.

It’s through that connection that they know exactly what Jesus was teaching, Buddha and so many more.

They know no matter what religion, the books are guides, manuals and hold sacred information that are encoded with deep secrets and the ability to continue in the climb, for those who have eyes to see. But when we seek the interpretation from the point of view of another human being who is standing at a pulpit each day, are we not giving our power away to the person claiming he has the truth in a book? How are we to ever know if he holds the truth if we are not seeking it within our own being? Yet so many never question the truth or seek to discover the god aspect within them, when this happens we are not understanding the teachings of the masters at all. They clearly said to look within, to not follow the masses, the sheep.

Each master early spoke in their way “to seek the kingdom within first and all will be revealed.”

Dark forces have long controlled this planet and the words of such teachers were manipulated and placed into the context of sacred texts such as the Bible, constructed and organized in a way to fit their agenda. To take another man’s word rather than to seek your own inner connection to your god self is exactly what every text warns us about.

We were told to never judge, hate, condemn or separate yourself from another.
The teachings of these aspects while walking in this life are actual tools that assist you when used within proper context.

But they have been used for centuries to keep people from feeling worthy enough of true realization of the god resides within you, even though all masters tell you this.

Again, I’m not beating down religion I know many who are deeply religious and know the truth of god within and they will even be quick to point out how the books have been manipulated to keep one from true self-realization.

You must know yourself enough to stand in the truth of the light. Fear separates you from god, love no matter what is presenting in front of you unites you with god.

Thus by judging others, by hating others, harming others, etc… you are creating your own hell on earth.

To judge, to be unloving and unkind, to hate, condemn are all actions that lower your vibration, they are in fact what separates you from finding god within your own being. It is connecting with this that heals you, that brings you heaven on earth. You must find where to go while alive in order to know where to go when you leave this plane of existence. Jesus clearly states that in The Gospel Of Thomas.

To always be loving and kind, to love another as yourself, to even love those who are wrapped in evil…”god forgive them for they know not what they do” this is discovering the unity within you. The you that will unify with the trinity. The you that will unify with the mother god (a seriously manipulated aspect in the religious as the mother god is vastly important in coming into your union with god, then the you that discovers you and all are the son of god, and then uniting with the divine mind of god.

We also know that each person has their own way, their own path but in the eyes of god source presence everyone is loved and accepted and when you embody this divine energy you are blessed with grace, peace, and mercy, you are healed.So you see spirituality isn’t a walk away from religion or a shunning of such, it’s an understanding that all religions hold a level of duality, just as most things do upon this planet, all beliefs are true for that person who is having their experiences. So we just love them exactly as they are. Everyone in this planet has set out to have their own experiences. And just like trees in a forest we all look the same from above, but we are all different and require a different path, a different way.

It’s about living in spirit and no one can tell you how to get anywhere but the people who have walked through heavens gates while still standing on this earth do know and hold a light, a truth, a way and their lives are always dedicated to serve everyone with love and compassion.

Personally, if you ask me all of this religious warring that has occurred for thousands of years is really just a battle over which way is the right way for people to meet God, the way already resides within you, everyone is that spark of god already, so why would you have so little trust that god doesn’t know what is being done to bring another person into their greatness?

We always feel the need to help and fix because we know at the core of our being that person in struggle is also you. But we must honor all ways if we truly wish to anchor the light and bring in the Golden Age. Set yourselves free from the illusions. It’s time for religion and spirituality to unite and to have the eyes to see and ears to hear.

Jesus, Buddha, Krishna we’re all teaching the same way, how to return home to the “god” aspect that has always resided within you, not external to you.

We are given our people to help us, and for us to help them.

There is no judgment, no right way, no wrong way there is only the way. We are all children of whatever name resonates for you God, Source, The Universe, Christed Consciousness. We are human and by nature we must give things a name so that our human mind can attempt to understand what is unknown, so we can share and discuss. It’s all the same.

If you are walking the spiritual path, judging and condemning those who are religious, or the religions may you take away a key, a code, an understanding of how all is ONE

“For those who have eyes to see, let him see”

No matter your view point on this, I love you fully, and unconditionally, and I honor your chosen path.

And if this triggers something emotional within you, that’s okay, love yourself enough to find a judgment that your holding because after all, Jesus said we must become an empty vessel

I’m not asking anyone to believe anything that I’m saying, I’m just sharing because my source presence has asked me to do so.

Kara Goss